Our Six Capitals and Underlying Values

These are the capitals we draw upon in order to operate and create sustainable value.

Financial capital
We are focused on optimising capital allocation and maintaining a strong balance sheet while generating strong FCFs. We also review all investments, taking into account the Group’s financial resources with a view to maximising returns to shareholders.

Natural capital
India and Africa have favourable geology and mineral potential and these regions provide us with world-class mining assets, which are structurally low cost and have extensive R&R. Additionally, operating our mines requires a range of resources, including water and energy, which we aim to use prudently and sustainably.

Human capital
We have employees from across the world and we are committed to providing them with a safe and healthy work environment. In addition, by creating a culture that nurtures innovation, creativity and diversity, we enable them to grow personally and professionally while also helping us to meet our business goals.

Intellectual capital
As a relatively young company, we are keen to embrace technological developments. We are setting up a centre of technological excellence in South Africa, enabling us to nurture and implement innovative ideas across the business, which lead to operational improvements.

Social and relationship capital
We aim to forge strong partnerships by engaging with our key stakeholders, including shareholders and lenders, suppliers and contractors, employees, governments, communities and the society in general. These relationships help maintain and strengthen our licence to operate.

Manufactured capital
We invest in assets including best-in-class equipment and machinery to ensure we operate as efficiently and safely as possible both at our current operations and in our expansion projects. This also supports our strong and sustainable cash flow generation.

Our values


We actively foster a culture of mutual trust in our interactions with our stakeholders and encourage an open dialogue that ensures mutual respect.


We place utmost importance on engaging ethically and transparently with all our stakeholders, taking accountability of our actions to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and complying with international policies and procedures.


Our primary focus is delivering value of the highest standard to our stakeholders. We are constantly motivated by improving our costs and our quality of production in each of our businesses through a culture of best practice benchmarking.


As we continue to grow, we are committed to the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity to create a sustainable future in a zero-harm environment for our communities.


We lay consistent emphasis on human rights and respect the principle of free, prior, informed consent, while our engagements with stakeholders give local communities the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.


We embrace a conducive environment for encouraging innovation that leads to a zero-harm environment and exemplifying optimal utilisation of natural resources, improved efficiencies and recovery of by-products.


At Vedanta, our people are our most important assets. We actively encourage their development and support them in pursuing their goals.